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Crystallization tank



▷ Crystallization tank made of imported 316L or 304 stainless steel

▷ The inner wall is mirror polished or mechanically polished. The outer wall is made of 304 full welded structure, the outer surface is mirror or matt

▷ Crystallization tank can withstand 121 ℃ high temperature sterilization

▷ Equipped with multiple process interfaces such as thermometer, pressure gauge, spotlight, CIP cleaning ball, respirator, nitrogen inlet and material inlet and outlet

▷ Shaft seal with high quality hygienic mechanical seal to ensure the material is not contaminated

▷ sterile sampling valve and stainless steel tank bottom can be equipped with customer requirements

▷ crystal tank can be used frequency control device

▷ stirrer with anchor, frame, slurry, turbine, rotating mechanism can be cycloid reducer, CVT reducer, the seal can be used mechanical seal, heating and cooling can be used jacket, half tube, Coil structure, the heating methods are steam, electric heating, thermal oil, to meet acid broken, high temperature, wear resistance, abrasion and other different work environment needs.


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