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shuangzi Culture: Quoting Confucius and Mencius. Confucius: Have friends come from afar!

shuangzi change: Have friends come from all over the world!

Mencius: To speed side is not up!

shuangzi: Steady development is the last word!

Enterprise Service Concept: ; I "rdquo; is the root of all the company thriving & mdash; & ldquo; I have a responsibility!

Corporate Adwords: Higher quality & mdash; & mdash; shuangzi! Corporate philosophy: "Customer First" "Employee Number Two" "Third Shareholders" & rdquo;

Business goals: & ldquo; do our first service industry & rdquo;

Business philosophy: & ldquo; Everything we do is starting from the customer's interests & rdquo;

Quality philosophy: & ldquo; Higher Quality & mdash; shuangzi & rdquo; Not the best, only better

Team philosophy: & ldquo; Long line team & mdash; & mdash; coordination and cooperation & rdquo;




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