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Zhejiang shuang zi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a domestic owned enterprises a America COSCO investment, the registered capital of 7120000 US dollars, covers an area of 16706m2, construction area of 17800m2, a total investment of 5000000 dollars. Founded in 2007 November, is a professional design, manufacture, installation: pharmaceutical equipment, fermentation equipment, plant extraction innovative high-tech enterprise equipment, vacuum low temperature drying equipment, agricultural, food processing equipment, environmental protection equipment in one of the.

 Company's existing mature products: vacuum low temperature drying, fermentation system of whole set of equipment, evaporation and concentration equipment, extraction equipment, separation, extraction, crystallization equipment equipment, filtration equipment, containers and other products. We focus on the research and development of various products: vacuum low temperature drying, fermentation, extraction, concentration, separation and other field, absorbing foreign advanced industry leading technology, carefully build first-class quality, creating the famous brand. The company can provide engineering, process design, equipment design, installation, the entire production line debugging for users and other services, and to provide turnkey project. The company has with trial production workshop and R & D platform automation GMP requirements, including process are: vacuum low temperature drying, plant extraction, evaporation, precipitation separation, extraction, fermentation and a full set of production line, can be used for the majority of users of pilot study. The company has imported advanced welding and finishing equipment: plasma argon arc welding machine, plasma cutting machine, CAM CNC machining center and other advanced equipment from abroad.

Companies adhere to the road of science and technology, reuse of high-quality, high cutting-edge technical personnel, new product development, and strengthen internal management, advanced technology and concept innovation with industry. "First-class brand, built a century enterprise" is the pursuit of goals, the enterprise is willing to first-class talents, first-class technology, first-class products and services to domestic, foreign, pharmaceutical, biological, food, plant extract, environmental protection and other fields, and to cooperate with service colleagues, together for the equipment and services in China pharmaceutical, biological, outside, plant, food, environmental protection and other industries to provide technical scheme optimization and best effort.

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