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Job Title: Foreign trade clerk  
work place: Yuhang Hangzhou Economic Development Zone
Wages: Negotiable release time: 2014-12-1
Demand number: 5people Validity period: 90
Specific requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above in foreign trade, international trade, business English or business management, with a certificate of English major of 6 or above, good spoken English;
2. More than two years experience in foreign trade management of large and medium-sized enterprises, with outstanding leadership skills and excellent business philosophy, excellent organization and coordination of executive ability, familiar with first
Into the business management model, a solid foreign trade expertise, familiar with the practice of international trade marketing and import and export operations operating procedures; listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation ability, with good business negotiation skills;
3. Gender: Female Age: 25-35 years old Work hard, have a strong sense of innovation and good team spirit, good quality;
4. Main pipe fittings, valves business.
5. Contact: Feng Xian Di 13655715188 89268666
Job Title: Automatic control engineer  
work place: Hangzhou Yuhang
Wages: Negotiable Release date: 2014-12-1
Demand number: 1people Validity period: 60
Specific requirements: 1. Male, 25 ~ 35 years old, electrical automation, mechanical and electrical integration of professional college education (or related professional).
2. Proficiency in PLC, control panel, motion control, industrial computer and other professional skills and programming skills;
3. understand the relevant knowledge company automation control equipment;
4. The master of electrical automation of basic skills;
5 includes automation equipment, electrical control design and debugging applications experience;
6. Good communication and coordination skills.
Job Title: Chemical machinery designer  
work place: Yuhang District, Hangzhou
Wages: Negotiable Release period: 2014-12-1
Demand number: 2 people Validity period: 90
Specific requirements:

1. Chemical Machinery Specialty
2.Work more than a year
3. Have good professional ethics and professionalism, good at communication, strong sense of responsibility
4. Package accommodation


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