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PG dosing tank - Concentrated tank - dilute tank


1, this series of containers with heating and insulation function, according to (steel welding vessel technical conditions) for manufacturing, pressure test and acceptance.

2, the volume of 100L ~ 1000L various specifications for your selection, but also according to your actual needs of the design and processing.

3, stirring shaft seal imported sanitary seal, reducer selection of the world famous brand Germany Flanders or SEW, mixing speed of 36-53 rev / min. Frequency converter can also be used to control.

4, the interface uses the international ISO standard fast-loading chuck type, the liner used imported 316L or 304.

5, the tank has a level gauge (radar, ultrasonic, capacitance, differential pressure level gauge), air respirator, sterilization steam mouth, thermometer (digital or dial), CIP universal washing machine, people Hole, spotlights as mirror, access to the liquid mouth and other technology interface.


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