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SGH photosynthetic fermenter

Applicationrange Needlightmicrobialculture,suchascyanobacteria,greenalgae,photosyntheticbacteria.Largealgaegametophytesomaticcellsandmicropropagation,meristematictissueculture,othermarinelakesneedligh
Application range
Need light microbial culture, such as cyanobacteria, green algae, photosynthetic bacteria. Large algae gametophyte somatic cells and micropropagation, meristematic tissue culture, other marine lakes need light organisms.
main feature
Is ideal for teaching, scientific research, production of photosynthetic reaction fermentation equipment, with good operability, the pipeline design is reasonable, a special built-in light illumination uniformity, adjustable light intensity, the reactor light intensity up to 6000lux above, with uniform light transmission Sex, to meet the majority of photosynthetic reaction of microorganisms and algae growth. The system is stable, large-angle view mirror and safety mirror lights can be observed at any time inside the tank. At the same time, liquid mixing is provided by the paddle agitator, resulting in less damage to the cells and tissues. The light sources can be turned on manually or in pairs, and the system can be controlled automatically using software. The direct digital control system (ddc) ensures that all parameters are precisely controlled, as well as additional accessories such as sensors and pumps Expand your system.
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