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Use and sterilization of fermentation equipment

Bioreactors are some of the important components of bioengineering and are the key equipment for converting biotechnology into commodities. They are in the middle of bioengineering. Mechanical mixing bioreactor, also known as fermenter, is a special equipment for liquid fermentation. Laboratory use of small fermenters, the volume can be from 1 L to hundreds of liters. Fermenter equipped with a controller and a variety of electrodes, you can actively control the training conditions required for the experiment, is the microbiology, genetic engineering, pharmaceutical industry and other scientific research necessary equipment.

The layout of the fermenter can be divided into two parts of the tank and the controller.

The tank body is made of a hard glass cylinder. The bottom and the top of the tank are sealed with stainless steel and rubber gaskets. The volume is 10L. There are many openings on the tank body. The feeding and inoculation ports, feed ports, , Place the temperature electrode port, place the PH electrode port, place the defoaming electrode port, place the sampling nozzle, air inlet, place mixer and condensation nozzle. Fermentation tank placed in the tank seat, tank holder in addition to supporting the fermentation tank, there are mixer changes equipment, heating Wen Wen cooling equipment.

The manipulator can end the basic control functions, which consists of the following several parameters: parameters input and visualization equipment, used to enter a variety of parameters to manipulate the fermentation conditions and fermentation temperature in the incubation medium, pH, DO (dissolved oxygen ); Electrode calibration equipment, proofreading pH electrode and DO electrode, etc .; acid-base pump, to the fermenter to participate in acid, lye to adjust the pH of the incubation liquid; defoamer to join the pump, to To the fermentation tank to participate in defoamers to eliminate the onset of the fermentation process too much foam; alarm and buzzer button, when the fermentation process, the circuit failure, such as the presence of the screen appears temperature, speed or DO value exceeds this Machine settings, the corresponding value on the screen shines, and announced "beep, beep" sound. Press this button is "beep, beep" sound can be temporarily eliminated, but only when the problems cleared, the buzzer stop alarm; active or manual control button to determine the controller is in the active control or manual control of the situation ; Electrode conductance wire connected to control the fermentation tank DO, pH, temperature, foam, speed, motor start, heating and cooling; air conditioning equipment, controller air conditioning equipment from the inlet, outlet, air relief valve , Air pressure gauge, air flow control valve and air flow meter composition, to regulate the flow of air into the fermentation tank and pressure. The air inlet pipe is connected with an air compressor or an oxygen bottle; an air filter is directly connected with the air outlet pipe and the fermenter to filter out microbes in the air and prevent bacteria from being ingested.

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