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Tube sterilizer

use Widelyusedinmilk,fruitjuice,teadrinks,herbalextractsandotherproducts. composition Thisequipmentismainlyusedinvariouskindsofconcentratedmaterialssterilizationandcoolingprocess.Bythematerialstoraget
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Widely used in milk, fruit juice, tea drinks, herbal extracts and other products.
This equipment is mainly used in various kinds of concentrated materials sterilization and cooling process. By the material storage tank, overheated water tank, pump, tube heat exchanger, PLC control system, control cabinet, steam intake system, valves, inductive switches and other components.
This machine is suitable for all kinds of concentrated materials sterilization and cooling process, the product viscosity range, and can adapt to the fibers and particles. Not easy to coking, longer production time.
High heat transfer coefficient: Tubular heat exchanger, materials and heat transfer medium are working in turbulent state, heat transfer efficiency, reduce scaling, increased sterilization machine continuous working time. Fully comparable with imported equipment.
High thermal efficiency: material heating, more than 90% of heat can be recycled. No contact point in the tube, no health and death angle, the product will not stick to the tube, not easy scaling: and the bellows in the sterilization process to form a higher turbulence in the material flow process has a self-cleaning effect, it is not easy to form tube scaling and Pollution.
Compact structure, good sterilizing effect, easy operation, wide adaptability.
working principle
Device adopted Siemens PLC automatic control, sterilization temperature, automatic control, automatic recording; return valve action, high temperature alarm, low temperature reflux (automatic); cleaning status, comes with CIP cleaning system. In the form of casing, casing-type sterilization machine is mainly designed for traditional Chinese medicine concentrate and high-viscosity materials. The heat exchange tube adopts a corrugated pipe. The material acts as a turbulent flow in the flowing pipe and can self-clean. Go away from the material pipe heating medium or cooling medium, thus heating the material, cooling effect.
work process
Sterilization: The device is mainly divided into five sections, the first section is the heating section, the superheated water as the heating medium, the material is heated to sterilization temperature, the sterilization temperature can be set (85 ℃ ~ 137 ℃), set in the heating terminal Temperature detection, if the temperature fails to reach the sterilization temperature, the pre-open the return valve, the material back to the material balance tank secondary sterilization. The second paragraph for the insulation section, when the material temperature reaches the sterilization temperature, the material into the insulation temperature constant sterilization. The third paragraph for the preheat utilization section, the use of materials after the end of preheating heating hot water from the heat recovery from the complex. The first paragraph of the first cold section, the use of cooling water for initial cooling. The fifth paragraph is the cryogenic section, the use of chilled water cooling, the material cooled to the set temperature, if the export material temperature higher (40 ℃ above), you can merge the fourth paragraph with the fifth paragraph agreed to the use of cooling water cool down.
Cleaning: After each shift is completed or the sterilization effect is obviously decreased, the equipment should be cleaned, and the working mode of the control interface should be switched to the cleaning mode. Water is injected into the material buffer tank to turn on the cleaning pump, and the large flow and high pressure are circulated to flush the heat exchange tube until Clean it, you can open both ends of the "U" pipe joints check the cleaning effect, if there is a structure should be found with acid or alkali cleaning, cleaning should be done inside the drained water drained.
Heating: Heating with steam and hot water mixed into superheated water, superheated water to do heating medium decompression using Spirax Sarco pressure relief valve, temperature control Spirax Sarco aerodynamic membrane valve.
Cooling: cooling with cooling water, chilled water, the specific choice of what kind of cooling medium and the temperature of the export material has a relationship, the principle of energy-saving choice.
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