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Extraction tower

OverviewCommonlyusedcontinuousextractioncolumnarethefollowing: Packedextractiontowerisapetroleumextraction,chemicalindustryandenvironmentalprotectiondepartmentswidelyusedasanextractionequipment,withas
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Commonly used continuous extraction column are the following:

 Packed extraction tower is a petroleum extraction, chemical industry and environmental protection departments widely used as an extraction equipment, with a simple structure, easy to install and manufacture and so on. Tower filler role is to increase the contact area of the two materials, so that the full access to the material can make the dispersed phase droplets continue to break and polymerization, in order to keep the surface of the droplets updated, but also can reduce the axial continuous phase mixing . In the conventional packed column, the two phases depend on the density of the brigade and reverse flow, the relative speed is small, the interface turbulence is low, limiting the further increase of mass transfer rate. In order to prevent excessive agglomeration of dispersed phase droplets and increase the turbulence of fluid in the tower, continuous or intermittent access to compressed air (pulsed mode) can be used to provide additional energy to the tower to increase liquid turbulence. Of course, turbulent motion is too strong, will lead to liquid-liquid two-phase emulsion, it is difficult to separate.

  Baffled extraction tower tower equipped with many levels of horizontal baffle, the role of the baffle is to change the flow direction of the two liquid phases to increase the phase between the two contacts. The flow of liquid in the tower is from the side of the baffle to the notched edge of the other layer and then to the center of the edge to increase the contact and mixing between the two phases. Extractant and treated mixture liquid inlet and outlet positions are based on the density of the two, the higher density (heavy phase) from the top of the tower into the bottom of the discharge, the less dense (light phase) from the bottom of the tower, The top of the tower is drained.

  Paddle rotary extraction tower is also an extra energy extraction equipment. In the tower by the ring partition the tower is divided into several sections, each section of the rotating shaft equipped with paddles. Due to the agitation of the paddles during extraction, the degree of dispersion of the dispersed phase is increased. Promote the renewal and expansion of the contact surface area. The effect of the separator inhibits the axial backmixing to a certain degree, so the efficiency of the paddle rotary extraction column is higher.

  Reciprocating sieve plate extraction tower is a certain number of layers of sieve plate fixed to the center axis by a certain distance from the top of the drive mechanism for reciprocating motion. The efficiency of the reciprocating frit extraction tower is closely related to the reciprocating frequency of the trays. When the amplitude is constant, the efficiency increases with frequency without emulsification and flooding.

Structure and characteristics

1. The extraction tower designed and manufactured by our company can provide better two-phase mixing conditions. Tower equipped with a nozzle, or mesh plate, or mechanical stirring device.

2. In the tower and the bottom of the tower have enough separation section, in order to ensure a good two-phase delamination.

3. Extraction Tata body and internal components and pipes are made of 304 or 316L stainless steel.

4. The extraction device is easy to clean, suitable for organic compounds with large molecular viscosity.


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