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WJG stainless steel reactor


Use range

In the pharmaceutical, chemical, biological engineering and other industries often used as a reaction tank.


1, The equipment is mainly composed of the cylinder, the clamp stool and the outer jacket. The outer jacket and the jacket are filled with high-density insulation medium. The top of the tank is equipped with a mixer.

2, the pressure inside the jacket according to customer requirements.

3, the material is high quality stainless steel.


This series of containers for the response of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the tank can be made into a honeycomb jacket, coil jacket or the overall jacket, heating, cooling. The inner surface of the tank is mechanically mirror-polished, the head is made of molded or spun-pressed, and all the spouts and corners are rounded with R-round corner, which fully meets the requirements of GMP.

Stirrer with anchor, frame, pulp, turbine, rotating mechanism can be cycloid reducer, CVT reducer, the seal can be used mechanical seal, heating and cooling can be used jacket, half pipe, plate Pipe structure, the heating methods are steam, electric heating, thermal oil. To meet the acid and alkali, high temperature, wear resistance, abrasion and other different work environment needs.


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