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Fermenter - beer fermenter

Overview Biological,dairy,alcoholichairdrinkersprocessisasterile,non-pollutingprocess,thefermenterusesasterilesystemtopreventandpreventthecontaminationofmicroorganismsintheairbyinstallingsterilebreath
Biological, dairy, alcoholic hair drinkers process is a sterile, non-polluting process, the fermenter uses a sterile system to prevent and prevent the contamination of microorganisms in the air by installing sterile breath holes in the canister or without Bacteria positive pressure fermentation system. The tank is equipped with Milo board or labyrinth jacket, heating or cooling medium can be accessed for circulation heating and cooling. Capacity of 100 ~ 50000L a variety of different specifications.
▷ mixer (multi-speed or variable frequency stepless speed regulation)
▷ Sterile sampling port
▷ manhole, spotlight sight glass
▷ temperature, PH, DO, ORP, turbidity, defoaming and other sensors
▷ CIP to clean the showerhead
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