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The concepts and characteristics of belt drier

Belt drier features

(1) the material in dry on the vibration and impact of small, the material particles not easy pulverization broken, thus can also be applied to some boring do not allow the broken pieces of the material.

(2) with dry machine for material not only boring, sometimes can be baked to material, burning or curing disposal operations.

(3) with dry machine layout is not mixed and disorderly, equipment facilities, can run for a long time to attack problems can enter the body when the internal overhaul, maintenance.

(4) can regulate the air quantity, heating temperature, stay time of raw material, speed to get the best dry effect.

(5) equipment sensitive equipment, can use the washing system of screen belt and the material cooling system.

(6) most air circulation use, high energy savings.

(7) the common points and the wind device, make the hot air distribute more evenly, to ensure the consistency of product quality.

(8) heat source can use steam, heat conduction oil, electricity or coal (oil) form a complete set of hot blast stove.

The concept of belt drier

Belt drying machine is composed of several independent unit section. Each unit contains the circulation fan, heating equipment, alone or share of fresh air into the system and exhaust system. For dry medium quantity, temperature, humidity and amount of exhaust gas cycling operating parameters, can independently control, then make sure with dry machine operation reliability and the optimization of operating conditions. With wet machine, sensitive operation, dry feed, boring process is carried out in a completely sealed enclosure, better working conditions, from the dust were leaked. Belt drying machine is a batch production with successive type boring equipment, used for permeability good sheet, strip, granular materials, boring of dehydrated vegetables, such as catalyst, Chinese medicine yinpian, high moisture content and the material is especially suitable for high temperature does not allow materials; This series of boring machine has high boring speed, transpiration intensity, good product quality advantages, the dehydration of filter cake paste material, need to the granulation or made into strips is boring.

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