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Fermentation tank structure and use the matters needing attention

1.1 precision filter, usually use time limit is one year. If the filter resistance is too large or lost ability to affect the normal production, need to clean or replace (claims directly replace, do not make clean, after cleaning operation can't reliable guarantee the function of the filter).

1.2 when clean fermentation tank, please use soft brush to wash, do not use hard scratch and avoid damage fermenter appearance.

1.3 supporting appearance should check once a year, in order to ensure the normal use.

1.4 electrical appliances, appearance, sensors and other electrical equipment is prohibited to directly with water, steam touch, to avoid be affected with damp be affected with damp.

1.5 when they stop using the equipment should be timely clean clean, to the best of fermentation tank and the pipeline in excess water; Loosen the fermenter tank cover and hand hole screw, avoid sealing ring for deformation.

1.6 operating channels, the carbon steel equipment such as constant temperature water tank should be regularly (once a year) to brush paint, avoid rust.

1.7 if the fermentation tank temporarily don't have to, need to empty the fermentation tank, side by side over the water in the tank and the pipeline.

2. The matters needing attention

2.1 it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of all the single equipment can when using this system.

2.2 in sterile filter, air filter of the steam pressure shall not exceed 0.17 MPa, or cartridge filters will be damaged, lost filtering ability.

2.3 in the process of fermentation, should guarantee the tank pressure does not exceed 0.17 MPa.

2.4 in the real process of elimination, jacketed steam heat, it is necessary to control steam pressure in the device's working pressure range (should not exceed 0.2 MPa), or it will cause the damage of the fermentation tank.

2.5 in the empty and real time, be sure to do more than the water in the fermentation tank jacket. Otherwise may cause in the fermentation tank cylinder flattening, forming equipment damage; In real time, still can form condensate excessive dilution in the culture medium, and then can't reach the technical requirements.

2.6 in empty disappear, disappear after cooling process, the ban on negative pressure occurs in the fermentation tank, avoid pollution formation, and even damage the equipment.

2.7 in the process of fermentation, tank pressure should be maintained between 0.03 ~ 0.05 MPa, avoid causing pollution.

2.8 in the operation process, it is necessary to adhere to the air in the pipeline pressure is greater than the fermentation tank The tank pressure, or it will lead to the liquid fermentation tank back into the filter, blocking filter cartridge or disable filter.

2.9 they were faced with its cannot solve the question, please contact directly with the company's after-sales service department. Please do not force to open or repair.

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