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ermentation tank using operating machinery

Installed electrodes. Sterilization before check each interface, each line appearance is normal, the steam pipe is healthy and vigorous. The valve should be checked by two people are in a fully close


Sterilization needs at least two people present, one for all kinds of valve operation, another person as query parameters. Confessed to the valve in the closed, open the steam generator inlet valve, steam generator, a steam generator start automatically feed water, should open the drain valve of the lower part of the steam generator at this time, as far as possible put into scale after close the drain valve. Note that a query in the steam generator water level to prevent disturbance. Wholly opened the jacketed valve valve, slowly open the steam generator total valve, slow some clamp open intake valve, beginning to collet is bubbled into water vapor. Can start, unstable steam pressure gauge pressure violent shaking, can proper down jacket inlet valve, and then, in turn, turn over sampling valve steam valve, the sampling valve into the steam valve, bottom valve steam valve, bottom valve into the steam valve, the sampling valve and bottom valve sterilization, together with the row of the unstable pressure of water vapor. Water vapor pressure is not dramatic changes in turn off gas outlet valve, bottom valve. Tank temperature rise gradually, to set the temperature of 90 °, by mixing motor after transformation, the open tank inlet valve, open the trachea valve of tank, in turn, turn over the following valve: open vent valve, slowly open tanks into the steam valve access to tank, air filter table press start up, opened the condensate drain valve when crossing 0.1 MP, continue up into the steam valve of tank, clean tank, air pressure tank slowly rising, adjust the gas regulator, arrived in the sterilization temperature and pressure required, arrived at the sterilization temperature timing to start. Adjust the jacketed inlet valve, tank into the steam valve and gas regulator, make temperature, tank pressure stick to set temperature. Sterilization time arrives, closed in order to open the inlet steam valves, closed steam valve, fully rolled out tank tail gas exhaust valve drain tank pressure, closed steam generator power supply. Open air compressor, when tank pressure drop to 0.05 MP, slowly open intake valve, tank positive pressure.

Sterilization process, the operator should wear long pants, wear protective gloves, prevent burnt. If the steam generator automatic feed water sterilization process, the decrease in the total steam pressure will loose may, when necessary, appropriate up steam valves, adhere to the pressure, but watch for query pressure changes. On the tank when the steam, after sterilization pot pressure drop quickly, pay attention to the aseptic air chance. Try not to make the air compressor and the steam generator with homework. Air filter pressure sterilization process should not be over 0.2 MP. Condensate will affect the size of the tank liquid concentration after sterilization, to consider the addition of steam condensed water.

The fermentation

Control the intake valve exhaust valve can adjust the size of the ventilation and the tank pressure, satisfies fermentation dissolved oxygen control mixing revolutions skills needs. Fermentation when open tanks into water total valve, open clamp jacket water valve and fill valve, the system automatically by controlling the jacket water temperature control of fermentation temperature. As tank pressure, down into the valve when the inoculation, decrease the appropriate tank pressure to 0.01-0.02 MP, use of fire protection will quickly opened the mouth (to prevent air flame pause), down quickly after inoculated. Will each bottle of feeding system and subordinate hose sterilization after get the host (note), under the fire protection to Pierce the silicone pads, installed the loading system. The job site should be flash with each parameter real-time monitoring system. Pay attention to make parameter record work.

Fermentation can proceed to late, there will be a bacteria blocking the trachea, representation for ventilation, tank pressure increased slightly. At this time people around rotating valve, can relieve congestion.

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