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SJN three-effect concentrator



The concentrator adapted to traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, starch sugar, food milk and other liquid material concentration, especially for dry heat-sensitive material shake low-temperature vacuum concentration.


1. Energy-saving benefits Compared with SJN-1000 single-effect concentrator, the annual saving of steam is about 5,400 tons, saving about 140,000 tons of water and saving about 130,000 kilowatt hours.

2. The concentrator negative pressure external heating natural circulation evaporation, evaporation speed, the concentration ratio of up to 1.2-1.35 (general Chinese medicine extract)

3. The concentrator uses three-effect evaporation at the same time, and the secondary steam is fully utilized. The total energy consumption is reduced by 65% compared with that of the single-effect concentrator.

4. Multi-functional operating characteristics

(1) recoverable alcohol concentration of about 80%;

(2) single effect, two effects, three effects can repeatedly and receive cream;

(3) can be intermittent, continuous feed.

5. The concentrator and materials contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel, beautiful appearance, Fu Tai GMP standards. Heaters, evaporators are outside the insulation layer, insulation layer outer 304 stainless steel sheet production shell surface mirror or matte processing.

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