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RCN heat reflux vacuum extraction concentrator


The company developed the heat reflux vacuum extraction enrichment unit has the following aspects of the features

1. concentrated heating area, high thermal efficiency, concentration time is short, not easy to scale, easy to clean, the unit has an intermediate storage tank, the extract is stored in the lower tank of the evaporator, the extraction tank can be slag and the next batch Sub-extraction of the feed work, the concentrator during this period to complete the concentration of the extract and prepare for the next batch of extraction;

(2) increase the extraction yield of more than 8%, high effective ingredients, extraction and concentration in the same closed equipment to complete the loss is small; due to the use of low temperature extraction, extraction and concentration of the extract after the high quality, pure color and fragrance;

3. Condensation area is large, is conducive to solvent condensation and recovery, solvent loss is small, the recovery rate of more than 95%;

4. Energy-saving effect is obvious, waste heat is fully utilized, reducing repeated heating and cooling, greatly reducing energy consumption;

5. A multi-purpose machine, compact structure, small footprint, less operator, low investment costs, low production costs;

6. Fully enclosed pipeline production, reducing the pollution of the environment, in line with GMP requirements.

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