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JC alcohol precipitation tank



This equipment is suitable for the special equipment for the development of old technology of traditional Chinese medicine, oral liquid, foodstuff, health products, chemical industry and alcohol precipitation (also known as dissolving or drunk rod) alcohol precipitation tank. It is mainly used for concentrating traditional Chinese medicine decoction After the freezing temperature of alcohol precipitation operation, can also be used for the extraction of concentrated liquid Hong Hung water sedimentation operation.


This equipment is made of oval head with a jacket. Conical bottom of the circle of simplified, the installation of three-leaf mixing and special rotary outlet tube assembled from the decoction of traditional Chinese medicine by adding alcohol into a certain degree of alcohol liquid and then at room temperature, low temperature freeze-sedimentation for liquid-solid Separation, in order to improve the purity and clarity of Chinese medicine extract. This equipment is all made of 304 stainless steel, with high-pressure water spray system automatically, the jacket can pass low-temperature cooling water, the transmission parts of the mechanical seal, explosion-proof motor to ensure the safety of production, in line with the GMP medical standards, the device surface mirror or matte deal with.


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