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Mechanical Stirred Stainless Steel Fermenter


Nominal volume:50L~300t

Installed liquid coefficient:≥70%

Tank configuration

▷ Tank material: stainless steel SUS304 / SUS316L;

▷ Surface finish: inner surface Ra 0.6 μm, outer surface Ra 0.8 μm,

▷ heating and cooling: the outer jacket / coil and the inner snake pipe joint type;

▷ tank interface: PH, DO, temperature, vaccination, defoaming, acid, alkali, feed, pressure, etc .;

▷ structure: vertical feet, ears bearing, skirt type, to meet different conditions and user needs.

Mixing system

▷ stirring paddle form: defoaming, flat leaves, oblique, curved leaves, axial flow leaves (according to customer requirements or process requirements matching).

Control System

▷ Ventilation control (DO): Deep aeration, bottom air intake; online detection, range 0 ~ 100% or 0 ~ 200%; DO electrode can be imported and steam sterilized at high temperature; automatic or manual control related to speed and ventilation;

▷ Acid-base control (PH): online detection, range 2 ~ 12; imported PH electrode, high-temperature steam sterilization can be online; with peristaltic pump or automatic control valve plus acid or alkali control;

▷ temperature control (T): online testing, range 0-150 ℃, inlet temperature sensor, digital setting, automatic / manual switch, use of constant temperature water, cooling water, chilled water and other different conditions to be selected;

▷ feed control: peristaltic pump or automatic control valve feeding control;

▷ defoaming control: conductive foam electrode, automatic alarm detection or automatic flow plus defoamer.

control method

▷ Lower machine control: brand touch screen interface, dedicated PLC automation control program, automatic control of fermentation parameters. Temperature, PH, DO, defoaming, mixing speed, feeding system and other parameters of real-time measurement and control;

▷ PC control: remote computer real-time monitoring, fermentation special configuration software, historical data query and display, easy data analysis, curve analysis.


▷ sterilization in place, safe and reliable;

▷ No traditional risk of leakage;

▷ reliable vaccination, vaccination and vaccination of various forms of optional differential pressure;

▷ Structural design is reasonable, beautiful appearance and practical.

Optional items

1, multi-feed

2, automatic sterilization

3, feeding weighing

4, tank weighing

5, tail gas oxygen, carbon dioxide online testing.

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