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China's current demand analysis of drying equipment

In recent years, China's food drying equipment in the domestic market share has reached more than 80% of its main work of food drying equipment to conventional drying equipment, the foundation can create all kinds of conventional food drying equipment

At that time, the work of drying equipment in China has now entered an earlier stage of development, which can better meet the actual needs of users in various fields, but at the cost of only 1/3 of the same foreign goods, which makes China's drying equipment in the market On the other hand, due to the large volume of drying equipment, most of them also touch on-site equipment, commissioning and after-sales service and other operations, so for domestic users, the choice of domestic equipment than the use of imported equipment More convenient.

In the field of grain drying, the small-sized drying equipment for drying rice and wheat (5 tons / hour or less) is expected to reach an annual demand of about 1,000 units; the annual demand for chemical drying equipment will reach 3,000 units ); Pharmaceutical drying equipment annual demand will reach 3000 sets (sets) or so; Agriculture and Forestry native products drying equipment annual demand will reach 2000 units (sets) or so; light industrial drying equipment will reach the annual demand of 2000 Taiwan (sets) around.

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